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Decorating, Keys and locks Tiny size

Decorating, Keys and locks Tiny size


Product Description

Lot’s of people like to carry a theme threw the event. Here are some of the items you can get that will let you bring the key theme to your whole table. These items are tiny from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. The package is 50 items, tiny locks and tiny keys, in all colors, $15.00.

This is a great way to add something to the seating card, or save the date. Glue in the corner of the card, tie around a rice bag, glitter bag or flower bag.

To change your order, like to all silver or gold, or to just keys and no locks ads $5.00. to each set you buy.

I only carry, 4 in bronze, but that set would all so be $20.00

Some of the tiny keys are flat on the back.

Call me if you need to ask a question, I am central time, my hours are in the home page under contact us.


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