The Beginning

In 1993 I bought an 1873 hotel, it had doors that needed skeleton keys. It contained 26 rentable rooms, 2 closets, front and back doors, one water closet, and 2 showers. 3 apartments downstairs. Four rentable stores. Rooms within the stores, and a 5 to 6 thousand square foot basement, all so with doors. So I had a giant key ring with a lot of skeleton keys.

They are old and they break, so at every chance I bought keys at sales, lock parts and door knobs. Seven years later, when I moved I took the boxes with me and started to sell the antique items online.

Devi's Keys

In 2004 I saw faux keys for sale and bought 70.00 dollars’ worth. Sold them out fast. I then bought a couple hundred worth, those went too. By 2008 I was selling more faux keys than real ones. I all ways talked to people, my phone number was available. I started to realize that lots of people use them for keepsakes, events and gifts.

That brings us to today and my own site, where the buyer may make his or her own set of keys. I am still available to talk to, and have, reorders from churches, schools and clubs, each year.