In 1993 I bought a 1873 hotel, it had doors that needed skeleton keys. It contained 26 rentable rooms, 2 closets, front and back doors, one water closet, and 2 showers. 3 apartments downstairs. Four rentable stores. Rooms within the stores, and a 5 to 6 thousand square foot basement, also with doors. So I had a giant key ring with a lot of skeleton keys. They are old and they break, so at every chance I bought keys at farm sales, lock parts and door knobs. Anything that had to do with old doors and keys, that were very good. Seven years later, when I moved, I took the boxes with me and started to sell the antique items online. In 2004 I saw faux keys for sale, beautiful cost efficient, in many sizes,  and I bought $70.00 worth. I sold them out fast. I then bought a couple hundred dollars or more worth of keys, those sold fast too. By 2008 I was selling more faux keys than real ones.  After talking to many people, I started to realize that lots of people use them for keepsakes, events and gifts. That brings us to today and my own site, where the buyer can browse through my store and select his or her own set of keys. I am still available to personally talk to you.  I have many reorders from churches, schools and clubs each year My number is in the central time zone and I will take a personal call   m-f 9-5 sat sometimes part of the day. 7148568934

I may not be the right person to say this, as I have been married several times. I have learned a few things along the way. The hard way, So here goes.

Make sure you like the person, not just love them. If they do things that bug you now, 10 years from now they may make you want to run. They have to work, or make money, because most fights are about money.

Being clean, you both have to help, and if one person is super clean and the other is not, it is not a good thing.

#1 If they lie, they will always lie (RUN)

#2 If they cheat, they will again (RUN)

#3 If they can’t keep a job, and change directions many times, (RUN)

And just one more, remember I am older so take this if you want. If they can’t commit to a wedded life, they will have a hard time raising a baby for the next 18 years.


1. Save the date, use a small key on your save the date invites, key to your day. Hey don’t forget Christmas and New years!

2. Place a mid-size key on your wedding invitations. This gives your friends and family an idea of the theme of the wedding to come. “Key to our lives together”, etc.

3. Use an old door, or a window frame with a lot of small glass frames. Then hang the keys from the door/window with ribbon and attach their seating card.

4. Take your table runner and spray down the center with glitter paint. Scatter small, tiny, tiny keys, along with the glitter. I do carry tiny keys just for this and other inexpensive ideas.

5. Using a fat candle, place keys on it’s sides, use glitter if you like and then place on a plate that also has keys on it.

6. Using keys in your wedding bouquet, and in the corsage’s and boutonnieres, is a really good way to carry out the key theme.

7. Alice in Wonderland and Princess parties are a great way to give a gift and at the same time use it in the party games.

8. Boys like keys too, the Pirate party is a great time to use some of the 3 inch keys.

9. Next time you have a shower, for a birth or wedding, this is a great time to use the keys as a symbol of a key to life.

10. As a gift to the people who come to a 10th, 25th, or 50th wedding anniversary, the big crown key is a hit, and it makes a great Christmas tree ornament.

The idea page:

One of the most creative ideas that has come along in a long time is using keys with the name place cards. One of the ways is by hanging the key from the card, using an old window or an old door. They have also used small trees, and old chandeliers. They are also used for save the date cards.  The card can have a meaningful quote such as “key to our love/life/happiness”. Another great idea is to use the keys on plain white wide candles. Roll the candle in glue and glitter and then glue the keys to the sides. Then place them on a plate with glitter and a few more keys. Right now Brides are using them in their hair and flowers.. The key can also be used on the cover of the guest book. Another idea is to place a key on a comb for the Brides hair. They work great with pew bows, too.