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10 Ways to Incorporate Keys into your Event

10 Ways to Incorporate Keys into your Event


1. Save the date, use a small key on your save the date invites, key to your day. Hey don’t forget Christmas and New years!

2. Place a mid-size key on your wedding invitations. This gives your friends and family an idea of the theme of the wedding to come. “Key to our lives together”, etc.

3. Use an old door, or a window frame with a lot of small glass frames. Then hang the keys from the door/window with ribbon and attach their seating card.

4. Take your table runner and spray down the center with glitter paint. Scatter small, tiny, tiny keys, along with the glitter. I do carry tiny keys just for this and other inexpensive ideas.

5. Using a fat candle, place keys on it’s sides, use glitter if you like and then place on a plate that also has keys on it.

6. Using keys in your wedding bouquet, and in the corsage’s and boutonnieres, is a really good way to carry out the key theme.

7. Alice in Wonderland and Princess parties are a great way to give a gift and at the same time use it in the party games.

8. Boys like keys too, the Pirate party is a great time to use some of the 3 inch keys.

9. Next time you have a shower, for a birth or wedding, this is a great time to use the keys as a symbol of a key to life.

10. As a gift to the people who come to a 10th, 25th, or 50th wedding anniversary, the big crown key is a hit, and it makes a great Christmas tree ornament.

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  • pam

    Thanks for your keys- I used them for an event, and they looked lovely scattered on the tablecloth. It looked so rich and elegant. Thanks for your promt service.

    • 8:21 pm - October 8, 2015

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