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Devi's Keys is where you will find the right key for the event you are planning. I only sell keys that are the best value for your money and are of the sturdiest quality, and please your guests. I don’t sell keys I feel are inferior, or hollow. My keys are made of Zinc and LEAD free! We ship to most countries, and international shipping is different from one country to another.

While most of the time I have a full stock of keys on hand and we are able to ship an order of 1000 keys, I want to point out to you that we do have 2 times during the year when it is most important to you to order 4 to 5 weeks ahead of your event.


Tips For the Wedding Season

Wedding time! Please place your order as early as you can. Wedding season typically starts in March and ends around August. Events for the month of February need to be ordered in Dec. or early Jan. as the maker shuts down for 3 weeks, in February.

  • Big orders, I can send 1000 or more keys, but you have to give me 4 weeks if it is all the same key and color, or all one color in less than 10 styles. Think ahead 2 months is good if you are going to make something with them.
  • Right from the start, you can order the tiny key special, and use them on the save the date card.
  • Lets talk about, color. Silver is the most popular, however I have noticed Gold and Bronze are making a big come back.
  • Mix it up, use all 3 colors, and for the head table, use the 3 inch keys. Great keepsake.
  • This is a cool idea, use your keys in your flowers, from your bouquet to corsages and boutonniere. Use them in your hair.
  • Big keys look great on pew arrangement's.
  • Get 2 of the big keys and use them on the cake table, or on the cake side. Later hang them up next to your photo.
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Devi's Keys offers a wide variety of carefully chosen Vintage Keys perfect for your event.
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  • This set includes : Bowtop Key #P 3 inches Heart Key #Y 3 inches Old

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Devi's Keys offers a wide variety of carefully chosen Vintage Keys perfect for your event.